Eductional Toys Torch Night Projector Light For 2-10 Year Old Kids Boys Girls

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Energy saving:

There is an "on/off" button on the cutting torch, you can turn it off when not in use.
Sleeping story:

A good gift for children.

No words can help parents tell stories for their children to improve their imagination and develop logical thinking skills.

Use stories to tell children stories.

Good science and education toys.
Great bed time story machine for your kids!
Made of safe and excellent materials, harmless to the body.
Convenient to carry, quality and safety, very suitable for parent-child interactive games.
Improving baby's hand-eye coordination is of great significance to intelligence.

1. Remove the paper between the battery and the cover.
2. Pull out the projection slot, and then insert the slide.
3. Turn on the cutting torch, and then adjust the focus to the best image.
High-quality ABS plastic-safe and non-toxic.

Package Included:
1 x projection flashlight (Battries not included)

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